Look and Feel Amazing this Summer

28-day program starts on May 17

How would your life be different if you:

- Had unlimited energy 

- Transformed your body and loved the skin you're in

- Felt confident and became the best version of yourself

Achieve Lasting Results

"I joined LUX with the goal to lose some weight and feel better about myself. Since joining LUX I’ve lost 25 pounds and dropped 3 clothing sizes, and I feel great about that! I know I am stronger now than when I started, both mentally and physically. "

- Brienne

"I've lost 55 pounds to date, and noticed immediately after the first Kick Start my clothes fitting differently. It's a great way to do it, knowing that you're in a supportive environment." - Clay

"I wanted to feel healthier, I'm constantly tired. I love the personalization, I'm not the most flexible individual" - Becky

Your age doesn’t matter

Your gender doesn’t matter

Your current shape doesn't matter

Your current fitness level doesn't matter

Your current nutritional habits don’t matter

Thousands of people across North America have been successful, so you can be too!

Is the 28-day KICK START right for you?

Achieve Lasting Results

"I joined LUX because I needed accountability and something that didn't feel like a task. I'm finally dedicated to my health, lost over 20 pounds and I get inspired by watching other clients on their journey to a healthier life."


“I was hesitant to join as it has been quite a while since I participated in an exercise program. My goal was to get myself moving so I would feel better physical and emotionally. The Kick Start program helped me achieve my goal plus I lost 15 pounds which was an added bonus.


Expect to learn, to be inspired, to be challenged, to be coached, and to be supported at a level you’ve never before experienced. 

At LUX, we have dedicated our lives to helping men and women just like you live their best, most vibrant lives.

You’ll set goals, make new friends, have confidence you haven’t felt in years (if ever), a new, healthier body, and most importantly, a new-found belief in yourself and what you’re capable of achieving in life.

What can you expect in 28 days?

Personalized Nutrition Assessment

Easy-to-Follow Meal Plan

Weekly Assessment & Coaching

Weekly Burn Training Sessions

Early Bird Discount ends May 3

Program starts May 17



Nutrition & Fitness

Personalized Recipes

Grocery Lists

Weekly Assessments & Coaching

Weekly Burn Training Sessions

Personalized Recipes

Grocery Lists

Weekly Assessments & Coaching




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