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Scared of the Scale?

by Michelle Sadowitz

Maybe you can relate…you see the scale in the corner of your bathroom floor and you have
this internal battle going on “Should I step on the scale or nahhhh?” Maybe you walk over
to the scale and hover one foot over, then decide that you’ll push it off till next month.

The scale can be an intimidating thing. I don’t think many people can say that they enjoy
facing the scale. I know I don’t! Personally, I used to struggle with my weight and I would
step on the scale multiple times a day to make sure I hadn’t gained weight. After every meal I
would check and if I increased even just a pound, my day was ruined and I would make
myself workout and skip meals the rest of the day… it wasn’t even logical, but I was
obsessed. The number that showed on the scale determined everything and that was

I don’t struggle like I did before, but I hate the scale now and if someone asks me what I
weigh, I do feel a bit uncomfortable. The last thing I want to do is step on the scale because
sometimes I think I should weight some unrealistic number and I know I won’t. But the
truth is that a number is not everything! I am not defined by a number, a number does
not tell me my worth, a number does not characterize me as a person!

I do believe there is a place for weighing yourself, because it helps keep you accountable, it
lets you know if you are maintaining a healthy weight, or if you are underweight or
overweight. It is simply a tool to benefit you to be able to know the changes you may
need to make.

Maybe you don’t want to step on the scale because you know deep down that you have been
not eating well and haven’t been physically active, and you don’t want to accept the reality
of what the scale will show. Maybe you struggled with eating disorders in the past and the
scale controlled you and so you may have some fear. Maybe you have an unrealistic goal of
what you think your weight should be and you’re afraid you might not meet that
expectation…whatever the reason you have to remember that a number is not the
primary concern, your health is! Do not tell yourself you are a number, use a number to
understand where your body as at and where it needs to be. The scale is a tool to help you
not to defeat you.

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