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Creating Healthy Habits as a Family

by Bob Romanaskas

Summer can be busy with vacations, camps, holidays and get-togethers, but the lack of school schedule and laid-back summer days make for a perfect time to try new things and create healthy habits. When we think of health, we often think of nutrition and exercise; however, sleep, emotional health, and socializing are equally important factors to consider, especially for kids.

Summer is the perfect time to offer new healthy foods to your family thanks to all the fresh produce in season. Kids are more likely to try new foods if they are involved in the planning and cooking process. Grocery shopping or cooking with kids can be a way to talk about nutritious foods in a fun way.

A trip to the farmers market is another way to get kids involved in picking out fruits and veggies for the family. Some families find that having fresh fruits and veggies prepped and ready in the fridge is an effective plan for avoiding mindless snacking.

Kids are more likely to participate in physical activity when they have a say in the plan, and when it’s something they enjoy. Have fun together! Make a family bucket list for the summer and include plenty of physical activities like going to a new park or beach, taking a family bike ride, visiting a splash pad, going on hikes, signing up for swim lessons, sports camps, etc. Trying new things means more opportunities to discover potential new family favorites.

I hope you can start building some healthy new habits for your family today!

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