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The Most Important Person to Know

by Sarah Long

When was the last time you studied yourself? I'm not talking about your likes, dislikes, and interests, but who you actually are. What makes you tick? How are you wired to react to situations and the people around you?

Knowing yourself is a huge part of self care. If you don't know yourself, how will you know how to take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically? We often spend so much time getting to know other people that we lose sight of the fact that we are the most important person we'll know on a deep level.

Sometimes it's helpful to take personality tests to help with this. Not the ones that tell you what dessert you are, or what decade you should have been born in! Instead, take some personality tests that give you insight to how you function as an individual and with others. I've taken a lot of these and reading my results is always eye opening - it's like I knew everything it said, but it made a lot more sense and was more applicable when I could actually read it.

Here are some great personality tests you can take:

16Personalitites - ( This is one of the most popular tests out there. Your results not only tell you what your strengths and weaknesses probably are, but they also go over some helpful information about relationships (romantic, friendships, and parenthood) as well as how your personality affects you in the workplace.

5 Voices - ( Everyone is a mix of five different "voices". Your most prominent voice says a lot about how you're wired. 

Five Love Languages - ( You might have heard of the five different love languages. While we might not think of this as a personality test, how we give and receive love, whether it's a romantic relationship or not, is an important part of who we are. There are four different quizzes on this site - one for couples, singles, teens, and children. 

Whatever our personalities are, it's important to keep this information at the forefront of our minds as we make decisions and interact with people around us!

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