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Add in Those Veggies!

by Cory Phillips

Let's all take a second to be honest with ourselves -we say we eat our daily amount of veggies, but do we really? Most of us "health conscious" people still aren't getting enough vegetables into our diet. So today here's 10 ways to get more veggies into your meals.


1. Pick a new vegetable at the grocery store each week to try out and even base a meal around. You'll be surprised at how many veggies you've never given a chance.


2. Pack pre-cut veggies into snack-size bags for perfectly-portioned munchies. Keep them eye level in the fridge for easy access.


3. Add peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, or onions to your eggs for a delicious omelet, or pile them onto scramble eggs.


4. If you're making soup, don't be afraid to add extra veggies into it. Unlike many other recipes, you can't screw up soup by adding more vegetables.


5. Try having a salad at least once a day, wether it be a side dish to your dinner or a bigger salad as your lunch, and don't forget to pile it high with peppers, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other toppings.


6. Try zucchini noodles or any other vegetable version - seriously they are delicious!


7. Swap out bread or tortilla wraps for lettuce wraps. I bet most of you still have never tried this one.


8. Make your own kale chips! Lightly coat in oil and sprinkled with salt and bake.


9. Turn that chicken/tuna "salad" into more of a salad. Finely chop up that lettuce and spinach and mix it into that chicken/tuna salad along with the usual celery and onions.


10. When in doubt, just start buying more vegetables. You'll feel bad letting them go to waste, so you'll be forced to come up with ways to add them into your diet!

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