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Passing on a Legacy of Food

by Sarah Long

With the convenience of Pinterest and Google, every recipe we could ever want is at our fingertips within seconds. Sure, this is nice, but when was the last time you cooked a family recipe?

While I was growing up, my mom had a small box full of worn out and well-loved recipes with handwritten notes full of any adjustments, substitutions, and preferences. I loved getting to flip through these, especially since some of them were written in my great grandmother's handwriting.

Does your family have any family recipes that have been passed down to you? If not, this could be a great opportunity to talk to relatives and research the food version of your family tree! Or you could create your own family recipe - start with one you find online and make adjustments to make it unique to you. Maybe you think up some healthier substitutes, or switch out a seasoning. Either way, save these family favorite recipes in a way that your family can access them for years to come.

If you're lucky enough to have a box full of well-loved recipes, take a trip down memory lane and flip through some of them. Pick one and show the rest of your family how to make it, or make it for the first time yourself!

However you happen upon your family recipes, don't forget how valuable they are! They are a taste - literally - of memories and times past, and creating these dishes often involves many valuable skills.

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