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Making it Personal

by Libby Aneskewich


Some buzz words you may have seen in fitness related articles are foam rolling, trigger point therapy, and mobility. While these are all great and important tools to have in your arsenal, nothing beats a personalized exercise program. If you are doing heavy weightlifting or long distance running on a daily basis – chances are you are going to end up with an injury and needing to take time off from the gym. You may even need to spend a full week or more just practicing mobility, and rolling muscle groups to get you back to a place where you are able to move pain free again.


All of the pain points, overuse injuries, and time wasted in the gym can be rectified by meeting with an exercise professional and developing a program that works for you. The everyday average adult should be doing a minimum of 3 days of cardiovascular exercise and 2 days of strength training. Look at your schedule to determine how much time you have to dedicate in the gym each day and plug in your strength days and cardio days accordingly. Consult an exercise professional for help with designing the exercises that will be the most efficient and effective for you.

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