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The Secret Formula

by Bob Romanaskas


People everywhere are inquiring for the formula, the secret ingredient, the path to improve their lives.  The truth of the matter is that there is no secret formula. The secret ingredient is your philosophy, what you know, how you hold it and how it affects what you do.  Once you change the way you think then you can take the steps that will lead you to the, “how to’s.”


The things you do every day, the things that don’t look like they matter, do matter.  They not only make a difference, they make all the difference.


It simply means doing the tiny positive improvements each day.  It’s not the big things that give you the advantage in your life, it’s the daily consistent actions that make the big differences over time.


These daily choices and improvements are super easy to do.  The problem is they are also super easy not to do.


As such, depending on which route you take, you can end up in totally different places.


A classic example is with health choices.  Every day you can make a healthy choice. But also, every day you can make an unhealthy choice.  The tiny choices, healthy or not healthy, probably won’t make much difference over a day, or a week, even a month.  But over a year you could have seriously affected your life. A positive health choice everyday will lead to a healthier life.


An amazing and simple strategy anyone can apply, if they are willing.


Because the simple truth is, how you feed your mind is every bit as important to your happiness as how you feed your body.

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