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The Tale of the Three Flowers

Imagine three different flowers, planted in three different planters.

One of the flowers has been out in the hot sun, exposed to all the elements, not watered. It’s wilted and its leaves are starting to brown.

Another flower has been watered, but the care for it has been kept to a bare minimum. It’s decently healthy but you can tell it isn’t exactly thriving.

The last flower has been given all the attention its owner could afford – fertilizer, water, sunshine, and even some classical music. This flower is vibrant and brings joy and color to whatever room it’s placed in, even on a cloudy day.

These three flowers represent what happens to people when we talk to them. The first flower represents how we react to words that cut us or someone else down. The second represents neutral words – words that aren’t necessarily bad, but they don’t impart life. The third flower represents someone who is consistently built up by those they care about. They’re thriving and everyone can see it!

But here’s the thing – we often never reach the communication level of the third flower. Life gets so busy that we only communicate to get through the day.

“Are you picking up the kids? What’s for dinner? What’s our schedule tomorrow?”

While this type of communication is absolutely necessary, it doesn’t give life to those around us. When was the last time you told someone you love what you appreciate them? Have you gone out of your way lately to tell a coworker what a great job they did on a project? The third flower requires a lot of intentionality, but it’s absolutely worth the work and mindfulness!

Words are powerful! They can either suffocate someone emotionally or give life. Give life to someone today!

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