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The Real Reason for Your Holiday Weight Gain

by Libby Aneskewich

It seems to be common knowledge that most people will gain between 6 and 8 lbs during the holiday season. We tend to attribute this weight gain to too many treats and while that may have something to do with it, our lack of movement could be the real culprit. 



As a personal trainer, I notice that clients are rearranging their schedules during the holiday season and taking weeks at a time away from the gym. When your body stops moving there are several consequences, including:


-increased cortisol levels

-reduced sleep quality

-slower metabolism

-weight gain



The list is endless. For days and weeks at a time we are taking fewer overall steps than normal and increasing our caloric intake which not only leads to weight gain but can also increases our risk for metabolic disease, heart disease, and cardiovascular disease. 



Although we can’t reverse these past decisions, we can go into this new year with a new mindset. Even if there are days that you can’t fit in your workout, be mindful of the total movement you are getting in throughout your day. Some easy ways to add movement are walking after meals, stretching throughout your workday, and quick bouts of bodyweight exercise. 



If you know you have a busy day ahead of you, start it with 10-15 minutes of movement to enhance your mood and kickstart your metabolism for the remainder of the day.

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