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How to Handle Overeating

by Faith Judson


During the holiday season, most of us will eat a little more than normal, and that’s okay! The holidays are a time where we get to enjoy family and friends, but it is also a time to enjoy some of our favorite foods.

To make up for a day of overeating, many people will not eat or eat very little in the following days. However, that will mess with your metabolism even more, and is not a healthy way to “make up” for overeating.


Instead of skipping meals, go back to your normal eating habits and continue to exercise as normal. Your body thrives on consistency, so getting back into your normal routine is what’s best for your body. Your body will react much better to overeating when surrounded by consistent patterns, rather than when followed by starvation.

Remember, if you consistently work hard at healthy eating and exercise, it is quite alright to treat yourself once in a while. Consistency is key, so don’t beat yourself up after. Just get back on track so you can reach your goals!

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