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Your Body Talks Back - Listen!

by Cory Phillips

Listen to your body.


Sometimes we can get a little to ambitious and start to push ourselves too hard, either physically or mentally. This could happen from a number of factors, but some include: 

1. Trying to workout more often and/or at a higher intensity than our body can handle. 

2. Over working ourselves at our jobs to the point of feeling burnt out. 

3. Not getting enough sleep most nights of the week. 

4. Not feeding our bodies the way we should. 

And many others...


Let's say you haven't been feeling 100% lately, where do you start? First, you need to identify what is the issue that is causing you to feel less than optimal. Once you have identified what the issue is, then you need to create a plan of action to fix it. Once you've created a plan, you need to follow through with that plan and stick to it. Finally, after a short time, listen to your body and determine if what you have been doing is working or not. If so, stick with it! If not, reassess and see if something else works. 


So for example, maybe you are running Monday through Friday for a few weeks in a row and you are starting to feel more fatigued as the weeks go on. Those little aches and pains you used to have are starting to resurface. So first, by order of elimination, you narrow it down to the problem: running more often is causing you to feel fatigued and have old pains resurface. Next, you decide to run only on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, with only one day being a long distance run. Over the next month you listen to your body and it's feeling better and those old pains are receding again. You know you are on the right path, so you stick with it. Problem solved.

So remember, you can always run another marathon, compete in another competition, even get another job. But you only have one body, so take care of it! You're going to need it for literally the rest of your life!

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