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Why you should leave your comfort zone

By Michelle Sadowitz.


Comfort… we all like it.


We all want to be comfortable; it’s easy, painless and secure.


The thing is we can’t always stay in that state of comfort. To achieve something we want, we need to try something we have never done, learn something new, and break out of that comfort zone.


To really grow and improve as a person you need to challenge yourself.


Why be content where you are at when improvements can be made and progress can happen?


I know for some it’s because that means you risk being embarrassed, or you are worries about what others think, or you are afraid of failing because you know you may bruise your pride.


What I’ve come to find is that temporary feelings of being uncomfortable eventually lead to being comfortable with so much more.


For example, attempting to learn a new language or training for a marathon is not going to be easy right away; you may feel embarrassed at the mispronounced words, or feeling winded after 3 miles while other people seem to run with such ease.


You may be frustrated at yourself for not being good at something right away, but if you keep at it, put in the effort and just deal with being uncomfortable for a period of time, you will see change and you will see growth.


One day you could be fluent in another language or could run a marathon without feeling like you have to pass out at mile 9! It all boils down to the fact that being uncomfortable is a stepping stone to progress and greater comfort.


It’s a step worth taking!


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