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Falling to the Same Food Temptations Over and Over Again?

By Richelle Epstein.


1. Get rid of the temptation.

If you know something is unhealthy... If you know it takes you further from your goals... If you know you've caved in to it more times than resisted it.... REMOVE THAT TEMPTATION. It's silly to keep it in the house! Why!?

2. Find something to satisfy that craving that is a healthier option.

If it's salty, find a recipe for maybe a salty baked vegetable chip you can make. Or if it's something sweet, search for a sweet treat with natural sweeteners or fruit instead. There are always healthier options. And making them yourself at home is the best route as you'll know exactly what you're putting into your body.


3. Have a plan.

When temptation hits, what will you do? Don't just wing it. Have a clear plan of action. And Maybe it means actual ACTION. Get moving. Go for a walk or run. Biking. Take the kids to the park. Jumping jacks in the kitchen! Just move and distract yourself. Also, drink some water. Lots of water. You may be dehydrated. Try some different things and see what helps you succeed the most.


4. Rehearse your "after-feel" when you mess up and when you succeed.

Reviewing over and over how you'll feel when you are weak and when you are strong is an excellent exercise for your willpower and discipline. Then choose how you want to feel. Your choice.


5. Remember tomorrow is a new day EVERY TIME.

Starting over is ok. And good. And needed. Don't throw away your progress just because you messed up. Jump back in. Start over. Again and again. This is how you will be successful. We all need to restart. Brush yourself off and refocus. You've got this!

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