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Run Faster with Healthier Hips

Do you want to run and sprint faster, while keeping your back pain-free?

Strengthening your hip flexors is the key.

The hip flexor muscles are involved in every acceleration movement you do, including running and sprinting. Having strong and balanced hip flexor muscles will help you have a better gait, accelerate easier, and avoid hip or back pain when running.

Most people spend their time sitting in offices or classrooms, staying in that same position for hours, then go home, sit down for even more time before going to bed. That's why the majority of us have weak and inflexible hip flexors, and this is a major inhibitor of speed and explosiveness.

We have 5 hip flexor muscles that help you flex your thigh, but only 2 of them will flex your thigh past 90 degrees. If those 2 hip flexor muscles are weak, your movement will not be optimal, and you will end up compensating with other part of your body, like your low back.

To know if you have weak hip flexors, try this quick test:

- From a standing position, pull one knee with both arms

- Bring your thigh past 90 degrees

- Let go with your hands and try to hold that position for 5 seconds

- If your leg drops at or below 90 degrees, then you have weak hip flexors.

After doing this test, try Cory‚Äč's fix to have strong and healthy hips.

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