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Why Can't I Lose Those Last 5-10 Pounds?

By Richelle Epstein.


So you've lost an amount of pounds. You were on fire! You were ecstatic. You had momentum behind you! You were going to reach your goal weight 💪🏼


Your dream skinny-jeans were going to fit again!!!


People were noticing!


Your thighs were shrinking!


Your butt?.... becoming fantabulous! Wahoooooo! 

But then....The pounds stopped dropping off. 


You hit a wall. A plateau. A Mac truck! Ugh.


What's wrong? Why can't you drop those last few pounds? 

Here are a few ideas... 

1. You haven't been careful in tracking your food intake.

We most often underestimate the calories we consume. Do you really know how much you're eating? Take a week or two and write down EVERYTHING that goes into your mouth. Every. Single. Thing. Then evaluate what items need to go. And maybe what you're lacking for nutrients. If you need help check out our Balanced Habits program


2. You're riding the cardio machines like you're at the amusement park.

Put down your phone. No magazines. And get serious about working hard! YOU are in control of your intensity. Don't blame the machine. If you want to see results, you MUST push your body to do the hard work. It should not be a relaxing, bouncing ride on the elliptical.

3. You have neglected the weights and are always doing more cardio.

Cardio is great. BUT if you want to truly reshape your body and raise your metabolism, LIFT SOME WEIGHTS. I promise you will not get too big! More muscle = more calories burned even at rest!


4. You are overestimating the calories you're burning.

We all tend to do this.  You may have a great workout. Maybe you pushed yourself today. Awesome!  So what's a few more calories? Be MINDFUL. Extra calories are EXTRA and will be stored. Most likely on your thighs. 👎🏼

5. You are rewarding yourself with FOOD.

Stop it. Stop it. Stop it!!! We live in a culture that celebrates with food, mourns with food, soothes with food, entertains with food! REWARDS with food! You are not a dog. Stop it! Food is fuel. 

6. You are drinking your calories.

You know that coffee each morning? With the yummy creamer? Mmmm hmmm.  Or that sweet tea all afternoon? Or that SODA that sits on your desk all day as your soother! GASP! Don't waste calories on your drinks. Drink water. And black coffee or clear tea. Those are easy calories you can eliminate. 

7. You have neglected your self care.

Not enough sleep and too much stress can sabotage your entire health plan. Your cortisol levels will rise and your appetite will increase. Take care to get 7-8 hours a night if you can. And do for yourself what you know will relieve a little stress.

Make healthy choices not just for your eating and fitness, but also for your heart and soul!

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