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Keeping Illness and Injury in Perspective

by Richelle Epstein.


Even when you diligently and consistently take great care of your body -exercising, eating clean, getting sufficient rest- you are never fully in control of the challenges that you may have to face physically.


Sometimes they are a direct result of your own neglect or mistakes. But then other times, they are not traceable to anything you did or didn't do.


I have lived a very healthy life overall. I have great convictions about what I put in my body and the shape I keep it in.


BUT, as there are no guarantees, outside of death and taxes 😜, sometimes life throws me a health-curveball. Lately, it's taken me down, both physically and mentally.


When I can't control what's going on or even understand the what's or whys, it gets really challenging for me.  Instead of giving up on what I truly want, I try to keep focused on my goals.


Here are a few things I've learned and adopted along my path:


  1. It could be worse.


This is not a phrase I always enjoy hearing from others. And I would not recommend that you take it upon yourself to give this morsel of advice to others! This is one to adopt for yourself.


It is FULL of so much truth though. No matter how bad you think you have it or what you are facing, there is ALWAYS something worse! Own it. Accept it. It will benefit you greatly!


  1. It will get better.


It very well may get worse before it gets better. BUT it will get better. Life is a crazy roller coaster. Sometimes we're up on the highest hilltop, looking over the amazing scenery, breathing the fresh air.

And then it suddenly drags us down a massive plunge and our stomach is in our throats. We can hardly breath and we're not sure what just happened.


This is life.


It promises to continue onto flat, easy, straightaways. Followed by whipping around a severe turn or flipping us upside down. However, we always eventually get up righted once again. Just hang on.


  1. I have a choice while waiting.


This is the toughest part I think, without a doubt. It's so easy to choose to quit. So easy to choose one of all the many excuses not to even try. So easy to slap a label on ourselves as "injured" or "unable".


This gives us the go-ahead to either have a poor, miserable attitude or to give up on our fitness goals simply because we've hit some bumpy patches.


Why not choose instead to stay determined. Stay positive. And somehow find the detour so we can keep moving forward? Maybe slowly now but moving forward still.


And how about being honest with yourself for one HOT MINUTE.... what positive things have EVER come from you being negative and despondent? No positive things can come from that!  For yourself or anyone around you! So choose the detour.


And choose positivity. It is absolutely a choice.


Ride the ride.


And don't be gloomy in the process.


Richelle Epstein is certified as Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She's a mother of 4 girls, and believes everyone can benefit mentally, emotionally, physically from putting time and effort into a healthier way of living.




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