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What to do When Shorts and Bikinis are Around the Corner

by Richelle Epstein.

Warmer weather is teasing us. It feels fantastic!!! But what doesn't feel fantastic is how EVERY YEAR, as the weather improves, my anxiety increases.... 




And YES, I still have some apprehension about revealing more of my physical self each Spring/Summer. You are not alone.


Don't worry! There's no better time than NOW to start turning that corner toward bearing those gorgeous legs, glutes & abs!


Here's a plan...


1. Start NOW!

Don't wait! You don't need any more preparation time. You don't need a Monday to start on. You don't need to do anything else first. You are the most ready now that you'll ever be. Today is the day! (Find out how you can get started with our 4-Week Fit & Lean Challenge!)


2. Make a tangible commitment to keep you accountable.


Set out a plan and a schedule for each day and week. Make a commitment on paper and maybe with your money. There are numerous benefits to signing on the dotted line. I find if I invest more to a commitment than just the words coming out of my mouth, I am much more likely to value the object or activity and as a result, I will be much more committed to it. And then...RESULTS!  How much value do you place on your health, longevity, strength, and confidence? Treat it accordingly. 


3. Set 1 (or 7) measurable, timeline goals.


I keep saying we all need goals. We do. Set a timeline. (This should not be the end of the game.) How about a 4-Week plan? But a time goal gives us some extra drive and motivation. We are simple creatures that way. A vacation. A wedding. A reunion. Maybe you need to book a weekend away as your goal and reward? And then also, pounds and inches measurements do help. Again, not the end all. And don't put all your eggs in the scale/measurement basket. But these can be great tools for marking progress and keeping yourself from moving backward. 


4. Clean up your food-fuel. This is SO IMPERATIVE! So many of us think....more exercise, more moving, more cardio & then starve myself....NO! NO No noooooooo!!!! Ok yes, you need to move and workout. But don't neglect the enormous importance of CORRECTLY fueling your machine!!! You will always fail if you neglect this. First, THROW AWAY the garbage! I teach my girls it is OKAY and actually a great idea to throw out garbage food! There are some foods I just cannot face each day and win. Just can't. And that's ok. Just get rid of them. Next, have a plan. Prep for your week with healthy recipes and foods. And last, ask for help if you need to. Again, accountability is paramount. And when you diligently follow a well-set plan, along with accountability, this almost always means success. Who doesn't like success?! 🌟👍🏼


Now, Take a deep breath of Spring air.


Make a serious commitment to loving YOU!


And start now!

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