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When Life Gets Crazy... How to Get it All Accomplished!

by Richelle Epstein.

As I looked at my schedule for today, I wondered "How can I get all this accomplished and still get in my workout time???"

Four kids, single-parenting, orthodontist, art lessons, youth group, school project at a friend's house, my work, my doctor appointment...

"Mom we're out of milk!"...

Dog needs flea and heart worm meds...

Car is frozen solid from snow storm...

One kid lost my keys...

"Mom the dog ate my reed for my saxophone!"...

"Mommy, I need 5 folders for my binder by tomorrow!"...

Garbage needs to go out...

Cans are still by the road in the snowbank from last week...

"Mommy, I need $100 for my field trip TODAY!"...

Who's arguing in the kitchen...?


A normal day.

Step one... DEEP BREATH!

And there's that SMELL again!!!

So many people have asked me over the years how I get it all done and still find time to workout. Key there is I don't "find" that time. It's truthfully never there to be found.

I TAKE TIME for it!


When life gets crazy....

1. Set your priorities for yourself and your health at the highest of importance (or at least top3)!

If you don't set this straight from the beginning, you will never get to it. Life takes over, we take care of everyone else and suddenly it's bedtime and we are so exhausted we can't see straight...again. And then it's "maybe tomorrow".

2. Remember that it will benefit you AND everyone you love.

Setting time to take care of your health on a daily basis is NOT selfish! It is actually a way we can show love to those whom we are closest to! You've surely heard of not being able to pour from an empty cup? This is especially true with our bodies. Love others by taking care of yourself!

3. Set a plan that works with your life and family.

Everyone's plan will look different. Different phases of life require equally different structures. What worked for me when I had four children ages 4 and under would not work for me now as they're in high school and middle school. When I had a partner in life, it allowed me to do things in ways I cannot now that I don't. Your plan must be unique to you.

4. Be flexibly rigid.

Be prepared to stick to that plan and then change that plan....again and again and again. When life mixes things up for you, try to look at it as a positive challenge instead of a reason to quit or slack that day. Choose ahead of time to embrace the flow.

5. Get creative with your execution.

Have fun. Mix things up when you can. Have a routine but also keep some variety. Schedule your workouts with your gym before the week starts. Workout with the kids at the park. Home workouts when you can't get out. Go for a hike with the family on the weekend. Ladies night at the indoor climbing gym. Trampoline park for your child's birthday party.

Make activity a part of normal life for yourself and your family.

Life promises to be crazy. For all of us. The trick is making it work to your advantage so you can be at your best health and have more in your cup to give back!

It's your choice. 

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