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Indulging Without the Guilt


How to Treat Yourself on February 14 - Healthy Indulgences for You and Your Loved One.


By: Victoria Frosini M.S.


As February 14 nears, we all think of candy gram letters, chocolate filled hearts, and indulgent meals.  After weeks and weeks of “putting in the hard work,” it's time to kick back and relax this Valentine’s Day--- without the regret.


Here’s five tips to “treat yo’self” on V-day!

1. Relax and unwind.


Relaxation is more than peace of mind or enjoying a hobby. True relaxation is a process that decreases stress on the mind and body. Take Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to treat your body to a long and luxurious relaxation practice. Indulge in a deep tissue massage, unwind with a long bath, or schedule a spa pedicure. --- You deserve it and your body will thank you for the extra care and recovery.


2. Indulge in high-quality chocolate in moderation.


Cocoa, Cacao, and Chocolate have become buzz “superfoods” in health and wellness circles. The Cleveland Clinic reports that chocolate consumed in moderation may help protect against cardiovascular disease and can serve as a powerful antioxidant. Cocoa is rich in flavonoids, which have extremely high antioxidant power. We recommend enjoying 1-2 oz. of dark unprocessed chocolate (look for bars above 70% pure Cocoa) to reap the benefits of this potent feel good food.


3. Pour a glass of red wine and learn to savor and appreciate the taste.


A glass of red wine in moderation has been correlated with reducing LDL or “bad” cholesterol and minimizes damage to blood vessels. In addition, some research has shown that resveratrol, a compound found in grape skins, inhibits inflammation and oxidative stress. The key here is sticking to 1-2 glasses!


4. Plan your Valentine’s Day event as a rewarding experience!


Aim for hitting your goals leading up to a romantic night out.  If you have an elegant reservation or plan to make a sweet treat to share at home, aim to meet mini-goals throughout the day. Drink plenty of water, find time for exercise, and fuel your body with a healthy breakfast to prevent going overboard.


5. Add spice to your life!

Cloves and cinnamon pack an aphrodisiac punch. Cloves have been used in ancient medicine to promote sexual health. Cinnamon has been shown to help control blood sugar, and contains a host of antioxidants including polyphenols, phenolic acid, and flavonoids.  In addition, cinnamon is a natural breath freshener and aids in dental and gum health. Splurge on a warming after dinner drink (Spiked Mulled Wine) which combines red wine, cider, cloves and cinnamon!


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