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The Top Wellness Trends for 2017!

The LUX Fitness Reboot

By: Victoria Frosini, M.S.


New Year, new goals, new workouts!


January is the perfect time to experiment with fresh fitness routines and challenge yourself to updated goals. In 2017, LUX Personal Training wants to help you look and feel your best. That’s why we are proud to share our top five wellness choices to reboot your mind, body, and metabolism (all available, right here in our very own studio)!


Fitness Tracking

You can’t leave home without a fitness tracker or app? If so, you’re part of growing population using “tech” to monitor fitness progress. The American College of Sports Medicine ranks the most effective workout methods and fitness trends each year. In 2017, “technology” tops the charts for a second year in a row. At LUX, we utilize MYZONE heart rate technology displayed live during your workouts. Real time statistics show training and performance zones, MEPS, total calories burned and much more!


A Focus on Well-Being and Recovery

We’ve said it before, mindset is everything! Taking care of your body physically is one important aspect of wellness, and we feel total health is more than just performance (Check out what is The Missing Key to Reaching your Highest Potential). At LUX, we offer a boutique fitness experience with stretching, mobility, and body maintenance in mind. Our trainers care about the whole picture! This means every workout will include proper warmup and mobility work to prevent injury. In addition, we ask our clients to establish mindfulness in order to create a physical connection from the working body to the active mind.


Group Training

We are proud to offer multiple training formats at LUX. From personal training, semi-private, to group training options, there is a class suited for each client’s individual needs and training style. If you thrive off working within a group, we’re proud to offer Small Group and Semi-Private Sessions! Working out with a group can help to remain accountable and it’s FUN!


Body Weight and Strength Training

Research suggests that body weight style movements can produce fitness improvements in a short duration! (Think plyometric jumps, burpees, and high knees). These exercises combine cardiovascular training with muscular development. Not sure where to start?  Leave it to the pro’s at LUX--- each of our credentialed trainers will guide you through bodyweight movements based upon your fitness level to jump start fat loss.


Professional Trainers

It’s challenging enough to choose the right exercise and fitness program. At LUX, we take the guessing out of choosing the right client/trainer fit.  All of our trainers hold accredited certifications and/or higher education in exercise science and nutrition sciences. This ensures every program is designed with proper form and technique and establishes a baseline so that you can see progress from session to session.

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