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Has Your Diet Failed You?

by Victoria Frosini, M.S.


We’ve all tried diets that ask you to drink shakes or eat “healthy” food, leaving you starving an hour later.  Diets can be confusing, and leave you with mixed messages and emotions. It’s usually only a matter of time before stringent dietary restrictions leave you frustrated and ready to quit.


Diets Fail. Personalized Nutrition Succeeds!


Did you know you the best way to lose weight is through personalized nutrition programming?


Personalized Nutrition is based on the idea that by individualizing dietary advice and support, you will be motivated to make lasting changes for your specific needs and goals!


Here’s why Personalized Nutrition, through Balanced Habits will get you the results you want:


Nutrition Guidelines are Oversimplified:

  1. General nutrition concepts can offer guidelines to improving health, but one size does not fit all individuals! For example, active men need higher intakes of protein compared to sedentary, petite women. Similarly, your training schedule and activity levels in addition to work-life balance greatly influence your energy needs.


Your Body is Unique:

  1. Your body’s unique make-up can determine factors such as caloric intake, macronutrient breakdown and preference to tolerate certain food groups. With Balanced Habits, all of your nutrition needs are tailored specifically to YOU!


Fad Diets Fail:

  1. “Diets” are often unsuccessful in the long-term. For lasting results, we need to learn how to manage hunger and satiety cues, make informed food choices, and identify eating behaviors. The overall goal is learning how to eat for life, not just for a couple of weeks! Balanced Habits will define each macronutrient (think carbohydrate, protein, and fat) and show you how to distribute calories in a healthy and sustainable way.


Personalization Helps to Overcome Weight Loss Plateaus:

  1. When a program is catered specifically for you, there is increased motivation to succeed! In addition, our coaching staff helps to keep you accountable while improving weight loss outcomes and preventing weight loss plateaus.


Think Less, Lose More:

  1. Take the thinking out of weight loss! You’ll receive weekly menus, recipes, grocery lists, individualized portion sheets, and weekly weigh-ins! In addition, our certified food coaches will motivate, inspire and educate you.


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