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Keep Your Back Safe While Bending Over

By Jose Briceno.

Have you ever been afraid of picking up something off the floor the wrong way and hurting your back?

I'm asking you this because I have.

When I injured my back some years ago, it was due to poorly executed exercises.

After a few months, I recovered, and learned how to keep my back strong by doing the right exercises the right way.

One of those exercises is the Romanian Dead Lift.

The Romanian Dead Lift is an excellent exercise to work your hamstrings, glutes and core. Those are basically all of the muscles that support your back when you bend over.

It is also a very functional movement that translates to your daily activities. Every time you're bending over to lift an object, you're doing a Dead Lift. The better you do this movement, the safer your back will be.

Watch this short video, where Cory will show you the proper form for a Romanian Dead Lift.

Before doing this exercise, make sure your hamstrings are flexible enough.

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