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Everybody is excited that the holiday season is starting. But at the same time, you might feel anxiety. You know that the splurging on Thanksgiving dinner is the spark that sets off how the rest of the holidays will look like.

So, I encourage you to take control and decide how you want to spend the rest of the season, starting with a healthier Thanksgiving.

Think you can do it? A little effort now will save you a lot of trouble in January. Take action and you will look and feel great during the holidays. You can even drop a few inches and wear that dress you always wanted on New Year’s.

1. Add vegetables to your plate

Even though most of your plate will be filled up with turkey and starchy carbs, add at least 50% of vegetables in your plate. That will at least fill you up with more veggies, avoiding that second or even third plate.

Need help how your plate should look like? Check out the 4 Foods Your Meal Should Always Have.

2. Post-meal activity

Feeling groggy after your meal? Must be the tryptophan, right? Don’t blame it on the turkey. Want to know the truth? Turkey has a much tryptophan as any other kinds of poultry, like chicken. The main reason you feel sleepy is all the carbs you piled high on that third plate. Add alcohol to the mix, and there you go.

Try to have a walk with the family after dinner. That way you will burn a few calories and buffer the impact of the carb overload on your body. And surprisingly you will not feel so groggy anymore.

3. Work out the next day

Instead of feeling bloated, lethargic and guilty the next morning, start off your day working out. Exercise will fend off some of those extra calories you had the night before, and set your mindset in the right direction.

Need motivation to get started? We can help with our 21-Day Holiday Challenge.

4. Mindful eating

Avoid overeating just because. Enjoy your food, but get your satisfaction from spending time with family and friends. Thanksgiving dinner should be all about being grateful of life, of having cherished people around, not about stuffing your bellies.

Stop eating when your full. Do the right thing at Thanksgiving and you’ll enjoy the rest of your holidays without guilt.


In the end, it’s all about taking control of the holidays, not the other way around. Spend the season the way you want, be cheerful and enjoy this precious time with your loved ones.

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