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How to Workout at Home

by Faith


Sometimes working out at home can be hard. Sometimes it’s hard to get moving when you can lay in bed, watch TV on your couch, or stay in your sweatpants? Sometimes getting into workout mode can be difficult at home. Here are some tips that I personally use to help get my body and mind ready to workout at home.


1. Schedule out time

One of the best ways to make sure you get your at-home workout done is to schedule out time. Either set the same time every day or schedule out time the night before. If you wait until the day of to see when you feel like it, truth is, you probably won’t feel like it and won’t end up working out. It’s easy to keep pushing it off until the day is over if you don’t set aside a specific time!


2. Designate a location

Picking a workout spot as part of your at-home workout routine can really help you get into workout mode. Whether it’s a spot in the basement, living room, or even outside, go to that designated spot to help establish a routine that tells your body it’s time to get moving.


3. Remove distractions

Do you get distracted while working out and start scrolling on your phone? Are there people asking for your attention when trying to workout? Whether it means turning off your phone, shutting your door, or letting those in your house know you need to set aside some alone time, removing those distractions that can hinder you from working out will help you get your workout done without interference.


4. Prepare as normal

Creating consistent habits helps your mind and body thrive. Dress up like you are going to the gym – don’t try to workout in your pajamas. Preparing to workout as you normally do, such as filling up your go-to water bottle, putting on those cute leggings and top, or listening to your favorite workout playlist will get you in workout mode.


5. Take advantage of online workouts

There are so many free apps or videos you can use to workout, especially during this time. Follow your favorite gyms or trainers on social media (like LUX Personal Training) where exercise videos are regularly posted or download free training apps with workouts designed specifically to do at home (a personal favorite of mine is Nike Training Club).  


Don’t let staying home keep you out of your workout schedule. Stay consistent by setting a routine, creating consistent habits, and getting in workout mode.

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