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Getting Fit and Strong

by Lisa


It’s easy to say that is what you want, but are you committed to the process? 


Getting fit and strong is a lifestyle commitment that takes planning and intentionality! Small strides each day will equal BIG, life-changing results month after month, year after year!


Here are the three components you need each day to make your desire your reality: 


Engage, Eat Well, Exercise


Engage: Every day, engage with your lifestyle choice to get fit and strong with intentionality. It takes planning and commitment. You are worth it!


Eat Well: Every day, make a plan for your daily food and water intake. What will you eat? When will you eat? 


Eat meals that are packed with protein, veggies, healthy fats and complex carbs. Your water bottle(s) should be prepared and ready to go where every you are, aiming for 8-10 glasses of water every day.


Make nutrient-dense food choices. Give up the deep-fried mozzarella sticks, potato chips, candy bars, cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches and processed meats. Replace them all with healthier options, like fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean meats, fish, whole grains and beans. Give your body the energy it needs to function optimally.


Exercise: Every day, have a plan for exercise. Schedule your workout in your day and set your phone alarm. What exercise program will you do? How long is the duration? Where will you work out? Who are you going to work out with? Who will help you? Who will you share your workouts and progress with?


There is no quick fix to getting FIT and STRONG!  The power is within yourself. Your body will listen to you and will respond to your effort. You can do it...make yourself a priority today so that you can have many healthy tomorrows. Engage, Eat Well and Exercise!


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