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Non-Weight Loss Goals

by Libby

1. 7 a Day

Many goals can be shrouded in negativity and focus on what needs to be removed from life to get what we want. By flipping this dialogue and looking at what you can add, you may see results more quickly. Instead of having a goal of eating fewer calories or fewer carbohydrates, focus on eating more fruits and vegetables. Adding more fruits and vegetables is beneficial for digestion, feeling full, and getting essential vitamins and minerals. A good goal is to eat five servings of non-starchy vegetables per day and two servings of fruit. 

2. Plan Fitness Dates

Spending time with friends and family often revolves around food and alcohol. Making it a point to meet someone for a walk or try a fitness class together is a great way to spend time with others in a different and meaningful way while still sticking to your health goals. 

3. Pick up a Book

Instead of heading home after work and turning on the TV, make it a point to read more books. Reading books is not only good for brain health but also helps to de-stress and calm the nervous system down. Reading a book before bed is a great way to unwind, create a healthy bedtime routine habit, and fall asleep earlier and sleep better.  Not interested in reading? Try starting a gratitude journal and jotting down a few thoughts at the end of the day before bed instead.

4. Guard your Time 

Make it a goal to be protective of your free time. Making sure that you are fulfilled and able to do everything you want and need to will help you be better able to assist and serve those around you. Saying “yes” to everything can lead to burnout and unnecessary stress. 

5. Drink More Water

We all know that drinking water is good for us. It can help us to feel full, aids in digestion, and can increase energy levels throughout the day. Replacing sugary drinks with water can be a huge step in improving your health. Making a goal of drinking a glass of water every morning and with every meal can help you to get your daily recommended amount (half of your body weight in kg). 

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