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Aches, Pain, and Injury…Don’t Let it Stop You!

by Meesh


Let me first say, yes, there are cases where an injury will prevent you from exercising and performing your regular routine. Yes, there are times when complete rest for a time is wise.


However, there are many times when we have injuries or little aches and pains that are possible to work around and work through, but we baby ourselves just a little too much. Maybe there is some apprehension or fear of furthering injury a fair concern. It can be very frustrating to have been making progress in your fitness routine only to have pulled a muscle or sprain an ankle. Whatever the case is, it can be discouraging! Sometimes we let that discouragement take over and we place ourselves on the sidelines. 


If you don’t know how to train around an injury or other aches and pains that’s where personal training can be a huge help! That can take away some of the apprehension as the knowledgeable trainers can help guide you through other ways to keep you moving and work around the issue. 


If you have chronic pain, a lot of time exercising and getting stronger can help relieve those symptoms. If you have a shoulder problem, you can focus more on lower body exercise for a time. If you have a knee issue, focus on seated exercises or low impact exercises. 


Stay as active as possible; find what doesn’t hurt;  know the difference between pain and discomfort. Yes, we need to rest sometimes but sometimes we need to work through discomfort to get better and stronger.


Work on your mental game. It may be tempting to say, “Well my knee hurts so I can’t do anything”… well look for something else to do before giving up completely! Don’t let discouragement get the best of you. The best bet for recovery can really be linked to what you tell yourself - are you talking negatively or positively?


Realize that an injury is an opportunity to address a weakness that you may have had. Acknowledge that you need to make adjustments to how you train in the future. There is always room for improvement.


Pay extra attention to nutrition!! You may have to slow down a bit in terms of exercise so being intentional with your diet will not only help you maintain a healthy weight, but a healthy diet will also aid in recovery!


The point is...DON’T give up so quickly when you have an injury setback. Be smart of course, rest when needed, but also get creative and look for ways to work around what you can. Stay determined, stay positive, stay focused, and continue to pursue health.

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