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Sleep Health

by Hannah

Welcome to 2020! It’s crazy how much time, energy, and preparation goes into the holidays from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years. Like my wedding day, I feel like there’s so much work in planning ahead and then the special day is here and gone. During the busy holiday season, important aspects of life end up on the back burner - sleep being one of them.

How many hours of sleep do you usually get each night?  Are you a late owl and early bird all in one, running on four or five hours of sleep? That used to be me.  I would try to get as much done before bed, but still get up early in the morning.  My average amount of sleep would consist of five to six hours.

When I began to truly focus on my health and wellness journey, I realized that sleep is a pillar of health and lack of it can have detrimental effects. Adults require seven to eight hours of sleep each night and without it, here are some side effects:

  • Mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression
  • Sickness due to a poor immune system
  • Increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and breast cancer
  • Infertility by affecting vital hormones
  • Weight gain
  • Low libido
  • Impaired cognition, affecting memory and ability to process information

Going into the new year, my husband and I addressed the habit we have of turning on Netflix at the end of the day and watching our favorite shows from around nine to eleven o’clock. Those two hours of sleep are much more important for our health and well-being, not to mention we do not need screen time keeping us awake as we try to fall asleep. My personal sleep health has been better than years prior, but since the start of the year it’s at its best. I hope to keep up on the new habit and encourage you to prioritize sleep health, as well.

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