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The Health Benefits of Journaling

by Hannah

The holidays are supposed to be "the most wonderful time of the year.” However, I hear many friends and family members express that they feel overwhelmed. It’s hard not to when culture paints the picture perfect holiday. Many strive to buy the best gifts and bake perfect cookies, all while keeping an immaculately clean home. Just writing about it increases my anxiety!

That leads to a habit I’m trying to establish: journaling. I struggle with high anxiety and try to find ways to cope. Journaling is one way to de-stress that has numerous physical, mental, and emotional health benefits. 

Here are a few:

  • Expressing thoughts in written form aids in processing events and situations
  • Reflecting in a journal format improves memory
  • Journaling thoughts and feelings increases self-awareness and mindfulness
  • Research shows that writing strengthens immune cells
  • Problem solving skills develop through journaling about issues, patterns, and solutions
  • Optimism increases through writing thoughts of gratitude while also increasing enthusiasm and energy

With Thanksgiving this week, it’s the perfect time to start a grateful journal. Start or end your day by writing down three things each day you’re thankful for. Hopefully your attitude of gratitude will be contagious and encourage those around you, and maybe you’ll establish journaling as a habit as well!




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