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Have You Played an Instrument?

by Cory


5 Reasons why Playing an Instrument Leads to Better Health and Happiness:


1. Playing an instrument makes you smarter – many studies have shown correlation between musical training and academic success, in both children and adults. Learning to play an instrument stimulates the brain, improving functions like memory and abstract reasoning skills.

2. Great stress reliever – playing a musical instrument helps relieve stress and helps take your mind off things that are bothering you in a constructive way.

3. Gives a sense of achievement – just like with making physical goals such as losing 10lbs, playing music has the same effect when achieving a goal. For example, finally learning a song you have been working on for weeks/months can feel like such an accomplishment and be a personal confidence booster.

4. Helps you better understand the importance of patience – unless you’re a musical prodigy there's a good chance it will take you a very long time to get comfortable at a given instrument, let alone be considered "good". If you understand you need to be patient and trust the process, eventually it will be worthwhile when you become proficient.

5. It's fun! – anyone that learned an instrument and stuck with it (except maybe those who were forced to learn an instrument) will tell you the reason they play is because it's an enjoyable experience. Whether it's making your own music or learning songs by other professional musicians, it feels great to express yourself through music.


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