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Eating Healthier during Football Season

by Cory

Everyone knows it's that time of year again, football season. Plenty of get-togethers and lots of excess unhealthy food. So here are my favorite tips to stay on track:

1. Eat before you go: don't show up to a party starving or else you will fill your plate with everything in sight!

2. Walk through the line first and see everything there is to eat: this will let you make a strategic plan of what you want to have on your plate. And when picking the unhealthy choices try to stick to picking "special" items that you wouldn't normally have.

3. Start with fruits and vegetables: before anything else touches the plate start with salad, veggie slices, or fruit which will then leave you limited room for the unhealthy food.

4. Have conversations away from the food table: it's never a good idea to talk while standing next to the food. We tend to mindlessly start picking at whatever is in our reach without even realizing it.

5. Remember the point of the get together is to have fun: don't get caught up in all the do's and don’ts of eating while at a party, just be mindful and remember if you go a little overboard, just get right back on track tomorrow.

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