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Traveling and Eating Healthy

By Michelle

Have you ever…… worked really hard to make healthy meals and stay consistent with your nutrition and exercise routine only to have it all messed up after your vacation? Traveling in general, whether for work trips or holidays, can be an extremely difficult time to stay consistent with healthy habits. Or, maybe you have the mentality that because its vacation, you can “go a little crazy”. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t enjoy foods from other countries you visit or enjoy food with family and friends over the holidays, but you still should be mindful of what you are putting into your bodies. Our bodies need proper fuel all the time and whether you are on vacation or not, we need to be mindful of what we choose to fuel our bodies with. Eat for function and then for taste, NOT the other way around.


I tend to travel a lot and I have several tips that could help you plan and prepare for how to make healthy choices on the go, but also to enjoy what eat as well! It doesn’t have to be hard, but you want to take time to set yourself up for success. You deserve to put time and effort into your own health!

  1. Take protein bars, nuts, other healthy snacks for you in your bag to have on hand in case you get stuck in traffic or stuck in an airport. Rather than be tempted by a drive thru or expensive airport food, have your own snacks ready!

  1. No matter what restaurants you go to you can generally find a healthier option. When you have the option to choose what you eat, choose more vegetables and lean proteins. Ask questions about the menu if need be, don’t be shy! 

  1. If you are served a meal than you had no say in, opt for small portions!

  1. Stay hydrated! Often times we eat more when we aren’t properly hydrated. Drink that water and you can probably save yourself lots of extra calories!

  1. As much as you may enjoy desserts and other “not so healthy foods” just be mindful of portions. Enjoy in moderation.

  1. Plan some extra activity and exercise into your day if you plan on eating more food than normal.


These are just little things that you can do so that you still enjoy your vacation, but also maintain a healthy routine that you worked hard to maintain at home. Don’t let travels get in the way of your health, because it doesn’t have to.


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