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Benefits of Deep Breathing

by Hannah Martin

          As a personal trainer, I ask for feedback from clients regarding areas of improvement in order to grow and meet their needs. However, encouraging words they send my way are bonus (and always welcome)! Many clients thank me for consistent cues during sessions on proper positioning and core activation, but specifically point out how I remind them to breathe. 


          Taking deep breaths is important for exercise endurance, core muscle strength, and injury prevention, but it doesn’t stop in the fitness setting. Deep breathing improves energy levels, sleep health, and mood, as well as strengthens the immune system, cognitive ability, and emotional stability. It also lowers stress levels, decreases anxiety and depression, and aids in healthy heart rates, blood pressure, and aging. 


          While I know the benefits of deep breathing, I still find myself rushing from place-to-place and task-to-task without stopping to practice proper breathing techniques. Fortunately, many applications are available for smartphones and fitness watches to remind us to breathe throughout the day. It sounds silly, right? “Why do I need to be reminded to breathe?” We need to be reminded because often our breaths are shallow, but even three minutes of deep belly breathing can provide long lasting health benefits. So, start breathing!


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