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How to Find Time for Fitness

By Faith Judson


Do you ever wish you had more time to burn some extra calories, gain some strength, or improve balance and flexibility, but find it hard to have time for all that in one day? Many people miss small opportunities to stay active throughout the day. If you can identify small areas in your day that you can multitask and use as a way to increase activity, you can greatly benefit from those adjustments.

To get extra steps in during the day, there are some easy changes you can make. For example, when going to the store, don’t look for the closest parking spot to the store. Instead, park towards the end of the parking lot, and use that opportunity to get some extra walking in. Another small change you can make is to take the stairs instead of the elevator.  This is a simple way to bring your heart rate up for a minute that you usually wouldn’t. An additional activity is to walk around when on the phone, if you are able to. A 30 minute conversation could double as a 30 minute walk. That’s quite the extra amount of steps. 

Ways to work on strength also require some small but effective changes. Next time you run in the grocery store for a couple of items, challenge yourself to not use a cart. Grab the gallon of milk first and carry it around while you grab the other few items you need. Your muscles will feel it for sure. Additionally, break up inactivity and increase strength while watching TV by taking advantage of commercial breaks. You can assign different exercises for yourself based on the type of commercial. For example, during commercials about cars, do jumping jacks, during restaurant commercials, do a plank, and so on. It is a way to enjoy free time without compromising on activity. 

There are other ways to work on fitness, and it all comes down to being creative with what is around you and the time you have. To improve balance, try standing on one foot for as long as you can while brushing your teeth. To increase flexibility, try stretching while you are at home watching a movie.

Making little changes throughout the day to improve activity levels can lead to big changes physically.  

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