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Unexpected Goals

by Sarah Long


After being an athlete in high school and college, I've been finding myself lacking the goals I once had. Gone are the days of practice, competing against and with teammates, games, and the hope of playoffs and championships.

A few weeks ago, I went for a run and was proud of myself for going a few miles. I've never been much of a runner, especially long distances, so when a friend suggested I should train for a half marathon I couldn't help but laugh! But then I started thinking about it more - maybe I could do this! Maybe this goal that seemed so out of reach could be the best thing I could ever work towards.

Now that I have this half marathon goal in mind, I've been finding myself looking forward to running. What a big change from a few weeks ago when I dreaded it! Exciting goals can change your mindset and motivation in ways you would never expect.

My point is this: we should never be afraid of working toward a goal just because it seems a little crazy! What is it that you would do if you could do anything? Set that goal and take some steps - even if they're baby steps - toward that goal!

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