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The One Thing You Can Do To Live a Healthier Life

by Libby Aneskewich

There are so many different factors that contribute to a healthy life. Eating well and working out go hand in hand, but what about sleep, productivity, financial health, and social wellbeing? Everything needs to come together to help sculpt a well-rounded, fulfilling, healthy life. I have found one thing that gives me all of those benefits at once - running. 



Running helps my diet. 

When I wake up in the morning and know that I am going to go for a run, I consciously fuel my body with whole foods to support the activity that I’m about to do. After a long run, I am sweaty and tired and usually reach for a piece of fruit which I know will hydrate me and start sending vitamins and minerals to my body immediately. 



Running helps me sleep. 

Running makes me feel, well, tired at the end of the day. It uses a lot of energy and effort so when the sun goes down I am ready to put my head on the pillow. My body feels like it has expended a lot of energy (because it has). And there is nothing I look forward to more than a glass of water and lavender spray on my pillow. 



Running makes me be more productive. 

Have you ever thought about the time you waste forgetting to do things only to remember once you have already left the room? Going for a run (especially first thing in the morning) helps me to plan and organize my day. It gives me time to work through everything I need to do and once my time is up on my run - I have already created a plan to get me through the day. 



Running is free. 

When I am bound to a payment for classes, I am often only able to use 2-3 sessions per week. I love classes to keep me excited about my workouts and varying my exercises but on the days I’m not going - running is there to keep my workouts on track. 



Running helps me connect with the community. 

In the spring and summer there are countless 5k and 10k races that raise money for local organizations and charities. Running in a race with family and friends lets me give money to the organizations I care about while also doing something good for my body. I have learned of several local trails and running paths through other people in the running community and have gone on to use them on my own. 



Exercise can be more than just something to lose weight or maintain physical appearance. Any type of steady cardiovascular exercise will reduce the levels of stress hormones in the body and will encourage the production of endorphins. If you aren’t ready to run, try walking, rowing, spinning, or using the elliptical. Today seems like a good day to start. 

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