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  • How to Workout at Home

    How to Workout at Home

    by Faith Sometimes working out at home can be hard. Sometimes it’s hard to get moving when you can lay in bed, watch TV on your couch, or stay in your sweatpants? Sometimes getting into workout mode can be difficult at home. Here are some tips that I personally use to help get my body and mind ready to workout at home. 1. Schedule out time
    One of the best ways to make sure you get your at-home workout done is to schedule out time. Either set the same time every day or schedule out time the night before. If you wait until the day of to see when you feel like it, truth is, you probably won’t feel like it and won’t end up working out. It’s easy to ....

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  • Getting Fit and Strong

    Getting Fit and Strong

    by Lisa It’s easy to say that is what you want, but are you committed to the process? Getting fit and strong is a lifestyle commitment that takes planning and intentionality! Small strides each day will equal BIG, life-changing results month after month, year after year! Here are the three components you need each day to make your desire your reality: Engage, Eat Well, Exercise
    Every day, engage with your lifestyle choice to get fit and strong with intentionality. It takes planning and commitment. You are worth it! Eat Well:
    Every day, make a plan for your daily food and water intake. What will you eat? When will you eat? ....

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  • I'd Love to Get Started

    I'd Love to Get Started

    by Bob If you’re still “waiting for the perfect time,” try these tips to help you stop feeling stuck and start taking action. 1. Revise your expectations. Recognize that there is no perfect time and there never will be. There is only now. 2. Carve out time, even if it’s imperfect. Nobody will give that time to you. You’ll need to take it. Give yourself permission to make yourself—and your fitness and health goals—a priority. Find the time you need in your schedule. Don’t have time for an hour-long workout? No problem. How much time do you have? 20 minutes? 10 minutes? Work with what you’ve got. ....

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  • Non-Weight Loss Goals

    Non-Weight Loss Goals

    by Libby 1. 7 a Day Many goals can be shrouded in negativity and focus on what needs to be removed from life to get what we want. By flipping this dialogue and looking at what you can add, you may see results more quickly. Instead of having a goal of eating fewer calories or fewer carbohydrates, focus on eating more fruits and vegetables. Adding more fruits and vegetables is beneficial for digestion, feeling full, and getting essential vitamins and minerals. A good goal is to eat five servings of non-starchy vegetables per day and two servings of fruit. 2. Plan Fitness Dates Spending time with friends and family often revolves around food and alcohol. Making it a point to ....

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  • The Importance of Stretching

    The Importance of Stretching

    by Hannah Lately, my husband and I have been talking about the busyness of life and the need to slow down. We live in a high-pace culture without much wiggle room in the midst of work, children, adult and child activities, caregiving, errands, housework, birthdays, holidays, and the list goes on! Sometimes I find myself and others bringing their busyness into the fitness setting, running late, and jumping into a workout without warming up properly. As a registered nurse who enjoys learning about the science, anatomy, and benefits of exercise and all that goes along with it, I want to share about the importance of stretching before exercise. Stretching can be performed in two ....

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  • Aches, Pain, and Injury…Don’t Let it Stop You!

    Aches, Pain, and Injury…Don’t Let it Stop You!

    by Meesh Let me first say, yes, there are cases where an injury will prevent you from exercising and performing your regular routine. Yes, there are times when complete rest for a time is wise. However, there are many times when we have injuries or little aches and pains that are possible to work around and work through, but we baby ourselves just a little too much. Maybe there is some apprehension or fear of furthering injury a fair concern. It can be very frustrating to have been making progress in your fitness routine only to have pulled a muscle or sprain an ankle. Whatever the case is, it can be discouraging! Sometimes we let that discouragement take ....

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  • My Top Exercises for Snowboarders

    My Top Exercises for Snowboarders

    by Cory If you are a recreational boarder or looking to start and want to make sure your body is up for the challenge, these following exercises would be my go to for any boarder! 1. Squat hold with heel and toe raises – this will be the exact position and movement your lower body will be in 95% of the time while actually going down a slope. To progress: increase time in position before coming back up. 2. Walking lunges/plyo lunges – if you already board you know how heavy your boots start to feel walking in between slopes or trying to "hop" with one foot still in the binding. So, single leg stability/strength/and power is crucial. To progress: add weight or ....

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  • Ways to Alleviate Muscle Soreness

    Ways to Alleviate Muscle Soreness

    by Faith It’s a common misconception that muscles soreness is strictly from lactic acid. Lactic acid only remains in the muscles for a few hours and definitely not more than a day. So why do you feel muscle soreness the next day, the day after that, and maybe still the day after that? Delayed muscle onset soreness (DOMS) is the real culprit of your tender muscles days following your workout. An intense workout, can lead to microscopic muscle tears. The body sends nutrients and other fluids to those muscles to repair them. This can cause inflammation and lead the muscles to be sore 2-5 days after a workout, depending on the intensity of the workout. This is completely ....

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  • Why Protein Intake After Resistance Training is Vital for Muscle Growth

    Why Protein Intake After Resistance Training is Vital for Muscle Growth

    by Lisa After a strength training workout, you will always see me hurrying home to get in my protein fix! I am always encouraging my clients to eat more protein, especially to get some in right after their workout....but why? We work so hard to increase our lean muscle mass for its many, many benefits (as Bob has shared in his prior post) and in order to make gains, we need to be intentional about our protein intake. How Protein and Resistance Training Work Together: Protein is the building block of muscles. Muscle protein synthesis (MPS) is a naturally occurring process in which protein is produced to repair muscle damage caused by intense exercise. On the contrary, muscle ....

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  • 7 Benefits of Strength Training That Go Beyond the Gains

    7 Benefits of Strength Training That Go Beyond the Gains

    by Bob
    Whether you made it your resolution to finally sculpt that six pack, or you’re looking to improve your health in other ways, adding strength training to your routine is essential. Even if gains aren’t what you’re after, strength training will help your body (and your mind) in more ways than you might imagine. If you’re new to strength training or it’s been a while since you last picked up a weight, taking a strength training class is the best way to learn to move safely, ensuring you’re maintaining proper form and using the right weight for your fitness level. (Make sure you learn from a certified trainer to prevent injury until ....

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