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  • Benefits of Walking

    Benefits of Walking

    by Hannah Anyone have a Fitbit, Apple Watch, or Garmin? If so, do you use it to its full extent? I had a Fitbit and then “upgraded” to an Apple Watch and I surely do not use it for all of its capabilities. However, shortly after quarantine began, I started watching my daily steps on a consistent basis. My sister was the catalyst I needed to stay moving during this uncertain time because being at home has eliminated the daily walking in and out of work, training clients daily, and teaching fitness classes most days. On top of the “shelter in place” mandate, I am 33 weeks pregnant. If it weren’t for my sister inviting me to join her in a step ....

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  •   Veggies You Should Give Another Chance

    Veggies You Should Give Another Chance

    by Cory So those of us that actually eat our veggies don't want to admit it but we most likely stick to eating the same 10 or so vegetables over and over such as lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, onions, celery, spinach, bell peppers, cucumbers, etc. But there are a ton of others that every grocery store has that we never buy, and should! Sadly this is usually due to us having a bad experience of it when we were younger and never going back or just it's perception in media as not being tasty. Today I will give 4 examples of vegetables you should give another chance and maybe even add into your veggie rotation. 1. Brussel sprouts - These baby cabbages contain just 38 calories ....

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  • Is HIIT All I Need?

    Is HIIT All I Need?

    by Faith There is an article in The New York Times called “Really Short Workouts” by Tara Parker-Pope. A friend recently sent it to me asking for my take on it. To sum up the article, it argues 4 to 10-minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts are all you need a day for "maximizing the health benefits of exercise without the time commitment." The article says though it sounds too good to be true, it’s not. However, I beg to differ…and here’s why. There are many benefits of HIIT workouts: improved oxygen consumption, reduced resting heart rate, and decreased blood pressure. They can burn lots of calories in ....

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  • Staying Motivated to Workout

    Staying Motivated to Workout

    by Lisa Whether it is during this stay at home time or when things are normal….we all struggle with staying motivated to workout at times. Sometimes it’s for one day, sometimes one week, sometimes one month, and sometimes one year or longer! But why? (Outside of serious restrictive limitations) The struggle is real, and there are so many why’s, such as: lack of sleep, staying comfortable, lack of care and desire, lack of energy, too busy with life/kids/etc., no goals or unrealistic goals, no one to workout with, no purpose, feeling low or depressed, or sometimes we just get lazy and would rather regularly sit down, be entertained, and feed our faces with ....

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  • Exercising During the Workday Can Seriously Improve Your Week

    Exercising During the Workday Can Seriously Improve Your Week

    by Bob We all know exercise helps you look better, feel better and live a longer, happier life… but how does the time of day you workout affect your routine? According to Health Magazine, taking a break during the workday to exercise can have benefits beyond just the obvious. Making time to break away from your desk and fit in a sweat session can: Make you more productive. Taking time away from your flooded inbox and making time for yourself in the middle of the day can have a huge impact on your work performance. Working out during the workday can give you a sense of accomplishment and a serious confidence boost that will last the remainder of the ....

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  • What You Need to Know About the Sustainatarian Diet

    What You Need to Know About the Sustainatarian Diet

    by Libby Have you ever thought about the role food has on you beyond how it impacts your body? Because the standard diet terms, vegetarian & vegan, don't really capture the environmental impact food has; there are many people looking for other ways to describe their mostly plant based but often nuanced diets. Looking at foods beyond just how many calories are in them or what the macro breakdown looks like allows us to account for things such as greenhouse gas emissions, how pesticide use impacts insects and animals, and how much water it takes to grow certain crops. The "sustainatarian" diet encourages a mostly plant based diet along with sustainable farming and ....

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  • Mindful Eating

    Mindful Eating

    by Hannah Anyone else think they eat too fast? Oftentimes when I’m out to eat with family and friends, I notice my plate is almost empty while theirs is barely touched. My husband must be a fast eater too because we seem to clear our plates at the same pace; however, I’ve thought in the back of my head that it is not a healthy habit. My eyes were opened to this even more so at a recent seminar. Dan McGinley, Certified Functional Strength Coach, was speaking on practical nutrition. One of his points touched on raising awareness to how we eat. He pointed out that it takes twenty minutes for the brain to send a signal that we are full. He also encouraged eating ....

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  • Times Are Crazy

    Times Are Crazy

    by Michelle Times are crazy…to say the least, and you know what, this isn’t the first crazy time in history or the last. It can be so easy to let our focus be on all the negative, inconvenient, and scary things going on. Uncertainty is not a great feeling; when we can’t control situations it’s not very comfortable and we tend to become more stressed. We will never be in control of a lot of things,
    but we CAN control how we respond to situations and the actions that we take.
    Our personal health is something that we can have a lot of control over. Not everything… you get sick sometimes, or maybe you have some medical conditions, however, things ....

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  • 10 Things We Should All Be Doing Now That We're Stuck Home

    10 Things We Should All Be Doing Now That We're Stuck Home

    by Cory
    Start/finish that long overdue home project
    – now's the perfect time to paint that spare bedroom or install those shelves in the closet.
    Call/Skype family and friends
    – take time every day to call someone to say hi and catch up with them.
    Clean your kitchen
    – clean an reorganize all your cabinets and drawers and clean out your fridge and pantry throwing anything expired away.
    Develop those cooking/baking skills
    – you better make sure when this is all over you can say something like "I finally can make a perfect apple pie" because there is no excuse not to cook/bake now.
    Get your yard ready for summer
    – make sure you take ....

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  • How to Workout at Home

    How to Workout at Home

    by Faith Sometimes working out at home can be hard. Sometimes it’s hard to get moving when you can lay in bed, watch TV on your couch, or stay in your sweatpants? Sometimes getting into workout mode can be difficult at home. Here are some tips that I personally use to help get my body and mind ready to workout at home. 1. Schedule out time
    One of the best ways to make sure you get your at-home workout done is to schedule out time. Either set the same time every day or schedule out time the night before. If you wait until the day of to see when you feel like it, truth is, you probably won’t feel like it and won’t end up working out. It’s easy to ....

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