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  • How to Break the Cycle of Restricting and Overeating

    How to Break the Cycle of Restricting and Overeating

    By Libby I hope you spent your Thanksgiving surrounded by the people you love and not counting calories. I hope you were able to get through the day without being worried about what to do when the pie comes out. I hope you didn’t say, “I’m working out twice as long tomorrow to burn all of this off.” When you are trying to make healthy choices, the holiday season can be very stressful. The number one thing that leads to overeating, however, is restriction. The more you restrict yourself from eating the things you love and crave, the more likely you are to overeat when you have access to those foods. Overeating leads to more restricting. And ....

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  • The Health Benefits of Journaling

    The Health Benefits of Journaling

    by Hannah The holidays are supposed to be "the most wonderful time of the year.” However, I hear many friends and family members express that they feel overwhelmed.It’s hard not to when culture paints the picture perfect holiday. Many strive to buy the best gifts and bake perfect cookies, all while keeping an immaculately clean home.Just writing about it increases my anxiety! That leads to a habit I’m trying to establish: journaling.I struggle with high anxiety and try to find ways to cope. Journaling is one way to de-stress that has numerous physical, mental, and emotional health benefits. Here are a few:
    Expressing thoughts in written form aids in ....

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  • Practice Thankfulness

    Practice Thankfulness

    by Michelle We all have had to practice for something before. We practice sports, playing musical instruments, baking, learning new exercises, or learning a new language. Whatever skill we want to take on, we need to practice to learn it and to get better! But how often do we think about practicing to have a thankful attitude? This is the season when we get together with friends and family for Thanksgiving to celebrate and have a good time, but do we really spend enough time considering what we have to be thankful for? We are all extremely blessed in so many ways, but it is often so easy to overlook those things and focus on the negatives and the stressors of ....

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  • Stay on Track this Holiday Season

    Stay on Track this Holiday Season

    by Faith We have entered a tough time for healthy eating. For some it started with candy on Halloween, and will continue with parties and get-togethers for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year, where food and drinks are abundant. This time of the year can stress many people out. Many are afraid to fall off track from their goals and start the next year “behind.” Mindset is key through this season. Picking what to eat and how much to eat is much more a mental game than physical. With that being said, we also want to be able to enjoy our favorite foods. Nutrition should be 80/20 …80% of the time making nutritious choices, while the other ....

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  • 4 Reasons to Boost your Hydration

    4 Reasons to Boost your Hydration

    by Bob Whether you choose to drink water on the rocks or infused with fruits and herbs, there are countless reasons why this powerful element is a great compliment to your fitness regimen. Supports Muscle Growth Water carries nutrients throughout the body and serves as the solvent for minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. When fully hydrated our bodies are equipped to break through fitness plateaus, burn more calories, and experience lean muscle growth. Prevents Cramps + Sprains Sore hamstrings and small injuries will be a thing of the past. Proper hydration will keep joints lubricated and muscles more elastic so that you can push through those final jump squats. Boosts ....

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  • Keep Lifting those Weights

    By Lisa Kim has been a client with LUX for four years now, and she is a primary example of why it is so important to strength train. She has shared a very recent and scary accident with us: Two weeks ago it was raining hard. I slipped off my running board getting out of my car and fell HARD. My left elbow took all of my weight to break the fall. After checking to make sure I was still in one piece, I had pain in my arm and numbness in two fingers. Five minutes after impact, a hematoma formed the size of a baseball. No exaggeration - I have pictures! I sought medical attention and was instructed to wrap and compress the injury. An x-ray was ordered and I saw an orthopedic ....

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  • Eating Healthier during Football Season

    Eating Healthier during Football Season

    by Cory Everyone knows it's that time of year again, football season. Plenty of get-togethers and lots of excess unhealthy food. So here are my favorite tips to stay on track: 1. Eat before you go:
    don't show up to a party starving or else you will fill your plate with everything in sight! 2. Walk through the line first and see everything there is to eat:
    this will let you make a strategic plan of what you want to have on your plate. And when picking the unhealthy choices try to stick to picking "special" items that you wouldn't normally have. 3. Start with fruits and vegetables:
    before anything else touches the plate start with salad, veggie slices, or fruit ....

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  • Feeding your Mind

    Feeding your Mind

    by Hannah “Your diet is not only what you eat. It is what you watch, what you listen to, what you read, the people you hang around… be mindful of the things you put into your body emotionally, spiritually, and physically.” Being mindful of what we listen to can have many heath benefits. Check them out below. I encourage you to listen to motivating music, beneficial books, and positive podcasts this week! Benefits of listening to music: -boosts mood and happiness -improves exercise performance -decreases stress and anxiety Benefits of listening to audiobooks: -better time management -improves critical listening & ....

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  • Traveling and Eating Healthy

    Traveling and Eating Healthy

    By Michelle Have you ever…… worked really hard to make healthy meals and stay consistent with your nutrition and exercise routine only to have it all messed up after your vacation? Traveling in general, whether for work trips or holidays, can be an extremely difficult time to stay consistent with healthy habits. Or, maybe you have the mentality that because its vacation, you can “go a little crazy”. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t enjoy foods from other countries you visit or enjoy food with family and friends over the holidays, but you still should be mindful of what you are putting into your bodies. Our bodies need proper fuel ....

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