Who We Are?

getting in shape and staying in shape isn't easy.

In fact, for the majority of us, it’s hard! And what makes it even harder is feeling like you need to already be in shape just to join many fitness programs out there – or feeling like you don’t fit in when you finally do get there.

How are you ever going to be consistent enough to see changes if you feel uncomfortable all the time? Or if you have no idea what to do in the gym to get to where you want to be?

We get it. This is the reason why LUX Personal Training was born. From day one, we set out to build an environment that provides a supportive, non-intimidating place where men and women with busy family lives can improve their health and fitness, and maintain lifestyle changes long-term!

LUX Personal Training provides personal attention in a professional boutique environment, involving all elements of lifestyle coaching, including fitness, nutrition, and mindset. Unlike traditional gyms that are dirty, crowded, and leave you feeling you’re just one more member, LUX gives you individualized attention and keeps you motivated and accountable for long-term results.

Our members aren’t bodybuilders or young 20-somethings that just “hang out” and the gym all day. Our members are busy everyday people, just like you, that balance work and kids with trying to sneak in those precious “me” moments throughout each week to focus on themselves. Most of our members are 30-65 years old. Many had not worked out for YEARS before coming through our doors!

Whether you haven’t worked out since the 80s or just can’t seem to make time to take care of YOU, we can help you achieve the lifestyle you want.

  • To play with the kids
  • To golf
  • To feel young
  • To hike
  • To feel confident in your clothes
  • To have energy
  • To stop saying “I can’t” and start saying “I can”


we are ready if you are! take the first step and contact us today!

Personal Training

At Lux Personal Training, we are committed to offering you customizable training and flexible scheduling to make your fitness goals a reality. Join us in Clarks Summit to get started today!

Semi Private Training

Join us in Clarks Summit for the most comprehensive Semi-Private Training around. We’re helping you stay motivated like never before with hands-on instruction and unwavering support.

Small Group Training

Have fun training with us in our Small Group Fitness Classes. We’re helping men and women across Clarks Summit get more from every movement and stay motivated week after week!