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Personal training

First and foremost, that’s what our services are about: helping you finally stay consistent with your fitness to achieve – and maintain – the body and health you want, so you can live life to your fullest.

If you want fast and lasting fitness results, then our personal training program is for you. At LUX, you experience true one-on-one fitness training, catered to your individual needs, goals, and preferences. We take pride in being attentive to the little things that matter and make every session a motivating experience that you will look forward to. At LUX Personal Training in Clarks Summit, you find the perfect match between service excellence and fitness results.

Our instructors are highly trained and dedicated to their work. We will not only kick you into the best shape of your life but will keep you 100% motivated and focused for the best results possible. You will receive an individualized fitness routine, accountability, and top-of-the-line coaching.

At LUX, we are passionate about fitness and healthy living. Let us change your life so you can live your best life possible!

semi private training

Through our Semi-Private Training programs, you will share the attention of your trainer with up to 5 other members, with a professionally-designed fitness program catered to your personal needs. If you are looking for accountability and professional guidance in a positive and encouraging environment, our Semi-Private Training program is for you!

Our instructors are highly trained and knowledgeable to not only meet your fitness goals but exceed them. Each session is personalized, fun, and will leave you feeling accomplished and energized.


We specialize in providing personal training services for men and women, primarily between 35-65 years old, that lead busy professional and family lives.

Physical results don’t come easy; but the certified LUX trainers guarantee to make working out enjoyable, supportive, and effective. Our sessions are designed with all members in mind to create a positive and safe environment.

Through our Semi-Private Training service, you will learn proper fitness techniques, and how to improve your overall health and well-being!

small group training

We get it. You value your health and it’s not that you wanted to get off track. But you’re busy! Between family and professional commitments, it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

You don’t have time to mess around with fitness and nutrition services that don’t work. You’ve been-there-done-that with programs that aren’t tailored to your needs and leave you unmotivated to continue, injured or with little results.

If you love a group experience but hate feeling anonymous in a big commercial 


gym, this is the right fit for you. The Burn Training Sessions are designed for you to share the attention of your personal trainer with up to 9 people in a boutique environment.

Our Burn Training Sessions are designed to challenge you with strength and cardio in only 30 minutes. This is the most effective use of your time, and the best fit if you have a tight schedule!

The Burn Training Sessions are designed to provide you with the guidance and the tools you need to see serious lasting results all in an amazing, non-intimidating “family-like” environment you’ll want to call home.

We provide structured training packages where you can pick between 2 to 4 visits per week. We don’t sell sessions that you can use here-and-there because that doesn’t give you the structure, consistency, and accountability to get the results you want!


Our elite trainers offer a range of services to match your fitness goals