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Why We Won't Bash Your Diet

by Libby Aneskewich



There is no one diet that is perfect for everyone. Some people may see success with the Whole 30 diet, the keto diet, or just simply by adding in more fruits and vegetables. That doesn’t mean that one is better than the other; it just means that some diets will work with individual lifestyles better than others. 



One of the benefits of sticking to a regimented eating plan for 30 days or more is the concept of eliminating food groups. When you eliminate one or more more food group you may find that your body functions more optimally with or without it. 



For example, if you are following a diet that eliminates dairy products and you find that you have more energy, then you may want to stick to a diet that Minimizes the intake of dairy products. 



The best thing that you can do to start today is track what you eat and how it makes you feel. The way it makes you feel is the most important part to finding a diet that is perfect for you and your lifestyle.

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