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Channeling Your Inner Child

by Cory Philips


So you want to stay healthy, get in better shape, and even have fun while doing it? Find an active hobby or play a pick up sport!



We all get it - there are days when going to the gym just doesn't seem like the most exciting thing to do and even for some people they never quite fall in love with going and "working out". And that's okay! In that case I would suggest trying to participate in an old sport you may have used to play. Join a pick up league such as a softball, soccer, or flag football. If that isn't your cup of tea, try something new like taking dance lessons, mountain biking, yoga, rock climbing, volleyball, or even racquetball.


There are multiple reasons why finding an active hobby to participate in is beneficial to your health:


1. You get to be more social, and meet new people. Let's be honest, spending time with like minded people doing something engaging brings great joy in one's life.


2. It gives you something new to work on and become better at. Remember, you're never to old to try something new even if it's something physical.


3. It might take you to new places you would have never visited otherwise, specifically outdoor sports like hiking, climbing, biking, skiing, or trail running.


4. You will absolutely have fun while doing it, and that's the most important thing!


So maybe try setting a day aside every week or two, meet up with a few friends and just go have fun! You will get a great workout, create stronger relationships with those around you and live a more engaging and enjoyable life!

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