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Health Trends - Proceed with Caution!

by Faith Judson

Many people are always looking for the newest health trend, wondering what superfood will make them healthy or what one exercise will give them abs. A newer and popular trend is Smoothie Bowls. While Smoothie Bowls may seem like the healthiest thing you can get, there is more to them that people need to know about.

Smoothie Bowls can have a lot of “healthy” foods in them, including many kinds of fruit. However, they also can be loaded with honey, granola, juice, nuts, or sugary yogurt. While these things can be good for you in moderation, having a bowl full of these things may not be the best. What Smoothie Bowls usually end up being is a bowl full of sugar. People usually end up with a very high carb and maybe even high fat snack with little to no protein. I am not saying to never have a Smoothie Bowl again, but if you choose to have them regularly, make sure you are getting the most out of them.

Making your own Smoothie Bowls may be the best way to go. It is as simple as making a smoothie, pouring it in a bowl, and adding some fruit or other garnishes on top! You can start by simply finding a yummy smoothie recipe, or creating your own.

Here are some tips to get a truly heathy smoothie bowl:

  • Use unsweetened Greek yogurt. It is full of protein and low in sugar
  • Add protein power if needed to get to reach the desired amount of protein
  • Stick to 1-1.5 cups of fruit total, including blended fruit and fruit garnishes
  • Add in some natural peanut butter, flaxseed, or chia seeds for some healthy fats
  • Lightly sprinkle on granola or other toppings, don’t just dump toppings on mindlessly
Being aware of what you are eating and knowing the truth about “health” trends is important. Smoothie bowls, if done right, can be a yummy and nutritious way to fuel your body!

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