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The Importance of Knowing Yourself

by Faith Judson

For the majority of my life, if you asked me what kind of personality I had, I couldn’t give you an answer. I didn’t know what motivated me or what I could see myself doing for the rest of my life.  


Once I learned about my personality, I was able to learn so much more about myself. 

I learned that I am motivated by success. In order for me to commit to something, I need to know that I can be successful. I learned that I thrive with structure. Now have a calendar that I put everything on. It takes away the stress of trying to remember everything I have to do and when. I learned my place in a group of people. Taking charge is something I am confident in because I know that leadership is what I am good at.

I learned my strengths and weaknesses. This has helped me to know what jobs and careers I would thrive in. I learned what personalities I work best (or worst) with. This explained why I have the friends that I do or why other people really annoy me. 


Knowing your personality helps you know who you are. It also helps you set and achieve goals. 


Because you know more about yourself, you can set goals would love to accomplish. You will be able to reach those goals because you know what you need to use as motivation and what strategies will best lead you to success. Each person is different, so creating a plan for yourself based on who you are is the best way to achieve your goals. 


Here are some steps to get started on figuring out who you are and where you want to go:

1. Figure out your personality

This can be as simple as taking some personality tests or talking to the people who know you best. A personality test that I recommend is

2. Set goals


Once you know more about yourself, establish some goals that you know you would love to accomplish, whether these goals are something you have always thought about or brand new ones.

3. Create a plan

Come up with practical ways to help you reach your goals based on what you need to succeed. This could be making to-do lists, keeping a schedule, finding someone to keep you accountable, or creating a long term plan.

Everyone is different. Many people have different goals. You need a personalized plan to be successful. Take the time to make sure you know your personality, and use it to help yourself succeed in any situation. 


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