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The Importance of Quick Wins

By Jose Briceno

Have you ever felt stuck at any point in your life? Feeling like you need a change, but don’t know where to start?


I’ve been there. Several times.


What always gets me out of the hole is taking one little step. It doesn’t matter in which direction. It helps just to start moving and getting some momentum. Momentum fuels motivation. Get something done, and then move on to the next thing. And all of a sudden, you’re on a roll of continuous accomplishments.


It all starts with that little step.


I’ve been asked several times, “Will I lose all the weight I need to lose in one of your 28 days Kick Start programs?” And the answer is a resounding “No.”


But you will lose a significant amount. And the power of that quick win will fuel your motivation to keep going, leading into yet another win, then another, until you eventually reach your goal.


That’s how I lost weight and transformed my body.


My progress was not quick, nor linear. I had to fight every yard to reach the next goal. My own mind was against me, telling me I was wasting my time. I kept going, fueled by those little steps I made, never looking back.


I hope you can do the same. Give yourself enough credit for every little habit you change, every little pound you lose. They all count in the end.

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