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The Breaking of You is the Making of YOU

By Stephanie Hatfield.

Those who have met me know I refer to myself as a "recovering shy girl".

In grade school and through high school I would never raise my hand or speak up in class. Class presentations terrified me. And I would rarely introduce myself to someone I didn't know. New places and new people made me extremely uncomfortable.

Fast forward to my freshman year of college.

I was offered a job in the Admissions office setting up campus tours for visiting students. The job also included being the tour guide, showing visiting students and their families around the campus and answering their questions about the school.

Still to this day, I am not entirely sure what went through my mind when I accepted the position. Each time that I escorted a group, I was a giant ball of sweaty nerves, praying they couldn't tell how terrified I was. But you know what? It was one of the best things I ever did because it made me a stronger person. 

When we find ourselves in uncomfortable or difficult situations, we have two options:

We make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong.

Resistance and struggle in life has the same purpose and effect as the resistance in your workouts. In the gym, you submit to the weight. You know it's there to help you, to make you stronger. So you stand firm, grasp it tightly, take a deep breath, and you MOVE it!

Weights are not terrible. Neither are problems. Both create strength.

We create the awful habit of avoiding discomfort at all costs. We will go to great lengths to avoid certain situations.

We avoid going somewhere alone where we may not know anyone.

We avoid speaking in public.

We shy away from introducing ourselves to new people.

We draw back when a great opportunity also poses some risk.

We shrink.

We hide.

And we become miserable.

Life is meant to be uncomfortable sometimes. Its dynamic pull and push is what forces us to grow and evolve. We cannot and should not run from discomfort. Around the corner from discomfort is often another wonderfully memorable moment in your life.

The next time you encounter an uncomfortable challenge, move toward it instead of away from it.

Take a deep breath, hold on tight, and lean into it.

The breaking of the 'old' you is the making of the 'new' you... the hidden stronger YOU.

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