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Why Women and Weights Absolutely Go Together!

We’ve all heard society’s warnings that if women lift, they will get “big” and “bulky”. Let’s clarify a couple things. It is implausible that 30 minutes spent lifting a few heavy items will send you home with jacked arms and a thick back. It’s simply not going to happen.

First, look at the rest of the “lifting” you do in life already! We lift seven bags of groceries at a time, babies and car seats, cases of water, bags of mulch, bags of dogfood, our kids’ back packs, our purse/laptop bag/lunch sack (in one arm) and our gym bag/target returns/umbrella in the other!


Second, strong does not equal “big”. Someone who is lifting to get “bigger” must devote large amounts of time and energy and planning to make that happen. It’s not an accident.

Finally, more important than what happens to your body, is what happens in your mind. Strong is not just a physical trait. Being strong is a mental skill that develops when you are subjected to a challenge, and you choose to face it. Mental strength, just like any muscle, needs flexing! Using heavier-than-comfortable weights in your workouts will help you become both kinds of strong.

You can’t see mental strength, or “grit”, just by looking at someone. But you will witness it when you see a friend face-to-face with a struggle. When there’s a doubt that she is able, but she pushes through anyway- that is strength! It starts with discomfort, and ends with “Wow-I can’t believe I just did that!”, and an exhilarating high! THAT is the strong we want you to be.

THAT is the strong you are becoming, with every single workout.

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