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Top Apps to Take Care of Your Amazing Physical Self

by Richelle Epstein.


Many people make resolutions for self-improvement starting January 1st for the year ahead.


Honestly, I don't really ever feel optimistic and driven at that point in the year. Christmas is over. The cold, dark winter is still out ahead for a few months. I really just want to wrap myself in carbs and sleep.


But as spring rolls around and slowly turns into summer, I feel energized and motivated to make some healthier choices to steer myself physically toward taking better care of my body. The days are longer which equals more sunshine! The trees start to form buds, grass starts growing, and FLIP-FLOPS!!!


So, if you can relate to my enthusiasm, maybe you'll also enjoy these suggestions for some apps that will facilitate our needed physical-care. 


Apps for your FANTASTIC physical SELF


1. Drink More Water

We all know we should be drinking water. And if you're like me, you know you're not getting enough. A good goal is half your bodyweight in ounces.  Water helps our bodies function in SO many ways. Plus it keeps your metabolism pumping strong!


- Aquaalert: Water Tracker (Google Play / iTunes)

- Waterbalance (Google Play / iTunes)

- Hydrate Daily (iTunes)


2. Get More Sleep

Again, as adults, we know we need more sleep. Yet it seems more elusive every year! Aim to go to bed just 15-20 minutes earlier each night to start. And try to stay on a schedule of waking up at the same time each morning. (Click here)


- Sleep Cycle (Google Play / iTunes)

- SleepBot (Google Play / iTunes)

- MotionX-24/7 (iTunes)

3. Be More Active

Of course, this one I love! Get moving! Don't wait for Monday. Or the perfect workout partner. Or the perfect program. You just need to move your body! No more excuses! 


- Charity Miles (Google Play / iTunes)

- FitRadio (Google Play / iTunes)

- MapMyRun (Google Play / iTunes)



As the weather turns warmer, try to pick a few areas you would like to tweak a little. Why not? 💜

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