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Strength in Numbers

Strength in Numbers: Exercising With Friends Can Help You Reach Your Goals

By: Victoria Frosini M.S.


Workout buddies can help you stay committed to exercise! In fact, if you’re trying to make fitness a habit, or you’re hoping to hit a specific goal, a friend can give you a huge mental and physical boost.


Here’s our take on why the “Buddy System” works!


Social Support:

Exercise Buddies encourage participation and help limit negative self-talk.  In addition, a reliable workout partner helps to increase your chances of sticking with a program. Social support can range from emotional support (think positive encouragement and camaraderie) to informational support (advice, guidance and friendly suggestions).


Accountability and Motivation:

When planning exercise ahead of time, you’re more likely to show up when a friend is involved. Everyone has days when it can feel overwhelming to get to the gym to train. When you actively engage with a friend (i.e. send your buddy a text or email, or prearrange a meet up), you reinforce your commitment to follow through on a health related goal.


Opportunities for Growth:

The buddy system helps keep boredom at bay and encourages learning and development. When you join in on a group session or try a class with a friend, you open yourself up to new challenges and walk away with a new skill. In addition, showing friends new exercises helps to switch up your routine and keep fitness fresh.


Increased Exercise Intensity:

Is your friend a little stronger than you? If so, this can be a huge bonus. Research suggests that when individuals work out with someone they believe is fit, both participants improve exercise duration and intensity. A little friendly competition can positively influence your performance while raising energy levels. 


Affordable Personal Training:

More and more individuals are opting for Semi-Private and/or Small Group training.  Training with friends can be financially accessible, while social exercise leads to a greater sense of well-being, promotes community belonging, and increases excitement towards health goals. 

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