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How to Stay Motivated when Seasons Change

by Victoria Frosini.

As the leaves change color, temperatures dip, and evenings become dark, staying inspired to exercise can be challenging for the most committed gym goers! Read on to find out five tips to hit “refresh” to take back your fitness motivation and regain enthusiasm to train.

1) Set A New or Big Goal:

Shifting mental focus to have a defined and specific goal can lead to increased motivation. In the summer months aesthetics and warm weather keep us accountable.  In the winter months, take the initiative to try something that challenges you. Maybe it’s holding a plank for 90 seconds, improving your PR in strength, or increasing flexibility to allow participation in a winter sport.

2) Plan Your Workout Gear in Advance:

By setting out exercise clothes the night before, you alleviate a major obstacle to arriving on time and ready to work.  If you have an early morning program and find yourself hitting snooze, plan your attire, shoe choice, and coat the night before, and use the extra time in the morning catch up on extra sleep.  

3) Work Out with a Friend and Shake Up Your Routine:

Planning training sessions in advance is a huge step in the right direction!  In the upcoming months try a small group training program at LUX or invite a friend to an activity you enjoy. The camaraderie and accountability can have a lasting effect on your ability to stay committed to your program.

4) Pump Up Your Playlist:

The Journal of Positive Psychology found that listening to just twelve minutes of positive music can have a significant impact on overall happiness and mood.  In the winter months, develop a new playlist for your training sessions, listen to upbeat music before and during cardio sessions, and pay attention to how your body responds to the stimulus.

5) Take Action Outdoors:

Simply walking in fresh air can reenergize and motivate you to train, not to mention exposure to Vitamin D3, increases levels of “feel-good” chemicals in the brain called dopamine and serotonin. With proper dress, proper diet, and anticipation of weather conditions, small adjustments to acclimate to the cold can keep you exercising long into the winter months. Brave the chilly weather! Your body and mind will reap the benefits!


Victoria Frosini is a nutrition expert and health communications specialist with a deep focus in research and nutrition education. She holds a Master of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Marywood University where she conducted extensive research in group weight loss, social support and cognitive behavioral therapy. As a freelance writer, she has been featured on the website Appetite for, and Flywheel weighing in on trending nutrition topics and writing weight loss plans for clients. Outside of nutrition, Victoria is a Flywheel and Group Fitness expert.

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